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Posted at 10:43 AM on 1/8/2010
When using Toolkit to size a Coriolis flow meter, do you know what selecting "Live Oil" in the application requirements region will do?
Toolkit will display the minimum pressure within the sensor at operating conditions in the calculation results. This is different from the pressure drop across the instrument since the pressure drop is not linear across the sensor and some of the pressure loss is recovered, so the minimum pressure in the sensor is higher than the pressure at the outlet. The minimum pressure can be used to make sure a sensor is selected without causing an undesired change in fluid state.

Why is this particularly important for Live Oil applications? For single component fluids, there is a vapor pressure number that helps determine whether there is a potential for flashing to occur within the sensor. Live oil is a mixture of hydrocarbons and has dissolved gas in the mixture. Therefore, knowing the minimum pressure that the fluid will be exposed to helps determine whether those dissolved gases are going to flash and separate from the mixture or not.
Posted at 10:51 AM on 1/8/2010
What is a Non-Newtonian Fluid?

A non-Newtonian fluid is a fluid whose flow properties are not described by a single constant value of viscosity. Many polymer solutions and molten polymers are non-Newtonian fluids, as are many commonly found substances such as ketchup, starch suspensions, paint, blood and shampoo. When Non-Newtonian Sizing is selected, you must input K in cP and N values for calculating Shear Viscosity. Viscosity will be calculated with K and N values when Non-Newtonian Sizing is selected. This functionality is provided in Toolkit for Coriolis selection.
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Posted at 10:59 AM on 1/8/2010
What is Instrument Toolkit?

Instrument Toolkit® is the software solution that will take care of all of your instrumentation needs.

Use Instrument Toolkit to:

Record application information and process conditions.
Run difficult, time consuming calculations required to select an instrument.
Select a valid Rosemount or Micro Motion model number.
Custom configure Flow, Level, Pressure, and Temperature transmitters.
Generate and print reports.

Download a free copy of Instrument Toolkit® here:

An online version of Toolkit is also available for Coriolis product selection. This application has a bit less functionality than the full downloadable version above but uses the same selection and configuration logic.

The online Toolikit for Coriolis can be found here:
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Posted at 11:01 AM on 1/8/2010
Is there any training available for Instrument Toolkit?

Yes, watch our training video here:
Posted at 11:05 AM on 1/8/2010
Can you export Configured Instrument Tags from Toolkit to hand-off to coworkers, purchasing, or to a sales representative?

Yes, here is a quick video explaining how this can be done:
Posted at 9:00 AM on 2/18/2011
Dear sir
How i can reach ETO codes with full details.could any body help me in this regards?