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Cryogenic Custody Transfer
Micro Motion Employee
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Posted 10:40 AM 11/11/2009
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I would like more information about Micro Motion flowmeters used in custody transfer of cryogenic liquids.

Here is what I would like to know:

  • What cryogenic fluid is being measured?

  • Is it truck-mounted or installed in a pipeline?

  • Did the coriolis meter replace another type of flowmeter? What kind?

  • Were any unusual installation practices performed?

Micro Motion Director of Industry Differentiation
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Posted 1:41 PM 11/30/2009
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Hi Nate- we have a team of MMI Sales that call on the major Industrial Gas companies working on this. We have meters on LOx, LN2, LAr, and "research" meters on Liquid Helium used to cool the magnets on superconducting magnets for supercolliders such as CERN in Switzerland.

We have a few meters in what's called the "fill zone" (replaces truck scales), and with a few companies, truck-mounted meters (working on references for a major company in France)

Where a flow meter is used, it's typically a cryo turbine (Sponsler or Hoffer). In some cases (liquid Helium or Hydrogen) they'll use a wedge type dP device)

The key is to flow the cryogen for long enough to sub-cool (lower below the flash point temperature) prior to metering. For fill-zone appliations this is fairly easy. For truck-mounted metes, there must be a PLC interlock either monitoring fluid temperature and/or density (Coriolis) to assure mostly single phase flow when the "batch" begins. This is necessary to assure high accuracy deliveries.

We also have some meters installed inside the cold box.